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Canadian journos lobby Parliament for a shield law

Lede: “Journalists and parliamentarians are putting pressure on the Liberal government to enhance the protection of reporters and confidential sources, calling for quick legislative changes instead of rhetorical support for the freedom of the press.”From the Globe and Mail (“Canadian journalists push for ‘shield law’ to protect sources“):

At a news conference in Ottawa on Wednesday, two journalists who are in legal battles with police authorities backed a proposal for a “shield law” that allows reporters to protect the identity of their sources and confidential information.

Globe editorial: Tracking of Quebec journalist a sign of power that’s too close for comfort

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“Mine is just one of many cases of the growing erosion of press freedom in Canada,” said Ben Makuch, a journalist for Vice News who is refusing to provide information from a confidential source to the RCMP.

Mr. Makuch faces a possible jail sentence for refusing to comply with a court order. He said the RCMP’s actions have created “irreparable damage” to journalists’ ability to win the trust of sources.

Patrick Lagacé, a journalist at La Presse, recently learned that the Montreal police service had obtained judicial approval to consult his phone records, tap his phone and trigger the GPS on his mobile device to track his meetings with sources. He said the Liberal government is saying all the right words in the defence of journalistic freedom, but that police officers need to face tougher requirements to go after a journalist’s sources.


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