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Tory leadership hopeful wants to scrap the CBC

Kelly Leitch, the wealthy pediatric surgeon turned anti-elitist, would scrap the CBC if she becomes Conservative leader and prime minister.From CP via the Globe and Mail (“Tory leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch proposes scrapping CBC“):

Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch is proposing to scrap the CBC if she manages to reach the Prime Minister’s Office.

Leitch, whose leadership campaign made headlines when she proposed screening new immigrants for what she described as “anti-Canadian values,” now has the national broadcaster in her sights.

While leadership rival Maxime Bernier has proposed reworking the CBC’s mandate, cutting its funding and barring it from selling private advertising, Leitch goes much further.

She says the broadcaster doesn’t need reform — it needs to be put out of business altogether.

She says it’s unfair that while private media companies are struggling to stay afloat, the CBC is able to rely on federal subsidies.

Leitch says she would keep the parts of the CBC that provide emergency services to remote and rural parts of Canada.

Good lord, this woman doesn’t understand the need for public broadcasting at all. It’s been chronic government underfunding that has devolved the CBC into the hybrid private-public beast it has become now.

While I don’t like everything the CBC does, its presence becomes even more important in markets where private media, print as well as broadcast, is shrinking. I would include Edmonton in that.

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