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Why the North Korean nuclear threat is getting worse

North Korea isn’t a bona fide nuclear threat to its neighbours yet, but the hermit kingdom has taken some important steps forward in developing missile technology and more powerful bombs.

From the NYT (“How the North Korean Nuclear Threat Has Grown“):

When North Korea tested a missile that fell harmlessly into the sea this month, it was more than just an attempt by its 33-year-old leader, Kim Jong-un, to jolt a new American president. Arms experts observed something new: solid-fuel technology that makes such missiles easier to hide and launch quickly. North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has progressed in four areas that bear watching: arsenal size, bomb strength, missile technology and ability to elude detection.

The subheads:

  • Arsenal size: small, but thought to be growing
  • Explosive power: from one kiloton to 10 kilotons in 10 years
  • Technology: missiles could reach continental U.S. by 2026
  • Covert capability: smaller, more mobile weapons

It’s not long. Read the whole thing.

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