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One last beer at the Transit Hotel

Fort Rd's Transit Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta has operated for 109 years.

Here’s a Facebook post I wrote on my iPhone. I’ve made some changes and extensions for this blog post, written on June 29:

Having a farewell pint right now at the Transit Hotel. This 109-year-old business is pulling the pin Friday night.

The nostalgic wave I’m feeling right now is knowing my dad, who grew up about 5 blocks away, would have bent his elbow in here in his younger days. Just one more tie between generations that’s being lost.

Right now the regulars are hugging, one guy smuggled a chair out, and some dude in a Randy Travis 2003 tour t-shirt is dancing goofily about the bar.

If you’re wondering, this is a working person’s country tavern.

The soundtrack tonight is heavy on the oldies — Conway Twitty, George Jones and especially my man Merle Haggard.

Some of his tunes that just rolled by included Transit lifestyle classics such as “The Bottle Let Me Down” and “Think I’ll Just Sit Here & Drink.”

But the people who live the Transit lifestyle have dwindled. This area used to sit in the middle of of Edmonton’s meat packing industry – gone for decades. There used to be a rail stop in north Edmonton when it was a village of its own – long gone.

No working people, no travellers – it’s surprising the Transit lasted this long.

Farewell, old landmark.

My farewell tune pick? Another from the Haggard:

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