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Stop Making Sense revisited

Back in the spring of 1986, when I first saw Stop Making Sense, the Talking Heads concert film was the shit for the college crowd in Edmonton. The film had been out for about two years and had established itself as a cult movie, with the usual rituals that accompany viewings of such films.

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Staying informed in a small city that has no daily newspaper

On Jan. 29, 2016, the Guelph Mercury ceased publishing, ending a run of almost 150 years. The city of 132,000 it used to serve is now a case study into what happens when communities lose their newspapers, reports Simon Houpt.

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Kenny Yum: Visionary journalist, age discriminator in hiring

Kenny Yum, a one-time colleague when I worked for Bell Globemedia Interactive in the early 2000s, recently got snapped up by CBC News to be its chief of staff.

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After 40 years, ‘I Feel Love’ still sounds exciting

July 2 marked the 40th anniversary of Donna Summer’s landmark hit “I Feel Love.” More than a disco song, it was the birth of modern electronica, and the obstetrician was genius producer Giorgio Moroder. Listen to it through headphones if you have them:

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