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Federal NDP leader tweets against TMX pipeline

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh must have done some math. His party won 14 seats in B.C. in 2015, and one in Alberta. Then he must have thought, “Sorry, Alberta colleague, gonna have to cut you loose.”

Then he issued the following tweet:

Alberta’s NDP Premier Rachel Notley, whom Singh apparently wants to see return to private life, didn’t send out a tweet in response.

Here is what she had to say, acccording to a article:

Responding to federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s tweet Wednesday– in which he said the pipeline should not be built, deriding the Liberals for giving the U.S. company a “blank cheque while dumping all the risks on Canadians,”– Notley said: “I think Jagmeet Singh is absolutely, fundamentally, uncontrovertibly incorrect in every element of that tweet.”

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