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B.C. sues Alberta over Bill 12

British Columbia has filed a lawsuit in Alberta seeking to have Bill 12, which gives Alberta the right to cut back on oil and gas shipments to its western neighbour, declared unconstitutional.

From (“B.C. sues Alberta over turn-off-the-taps legislation“):

The statement of claim seeks a declaration that the Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act is unconstitutional and can’t be used.

“The government of Alberta introduced and supported the act because it asserts British Columbia is responsible for ‘delays’ to an expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline,” the statement reads.

“Alberta seeks to utilize powers under the act to punish British Columbia.”

The B.C. government is being unfairly blamed for delays facing the Trans Mountain expansion, said B.C. Attorney General David Eby.

“We have granted permits at the same pace and with the same process as the previous [B.C.] government,” he said Tuesday.

“There has been a mischaracterization of B.C.’s role here.”

He noted the project is facing a number of legal challenges, including one by First Nations that challenges the environmental assessment process and was underway before the NDP formed government in B.C.

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