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Green Leader Elizabeth May fined $1,500 over TMX transgression

Wilfully getting within five metres of Kinder Morgan property in Burnaby, B.C. during an anti-Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline protest in March has cost Green Party Leader Elizabeth May $1,500.

From (“Elizabeth May pleads guilty to criminal contempt for pipeline protest“):

It was agreed by the special prosecutor and the politician’s lawyer that she should pay a $500 fine.

But — despite May’s apology through her lawyer for her actions — Justice Kenneth Affleck said $500 was not enough. He ordered her to pay a $1,500 fine.

The judge said May had exploited her office for media attention, so a stiffer penalty was warranted.

He noted that she has a position of influence, and her actions might sway others to breach court orders.

Outside court, May said she accepted her penalty and reassured people that the offence was not listed under the Criminal Code, so  it would not affect her ability to travel or work as a member of Parliament.

“I’m not a convicted criminal,” said May.

She was arrested March 23 for violating a court injunction by blocking a road at Kinder Morgan’s Burnaby Mountain facility.

May and Burnaby South NDP MP Kennedy Stewart were among dozens of people who were arrested in March for getting within five metres of a Kinder Morgan work site.

Stewart pleaded guilty to the same charge and was ordered to pay a $500 fine.

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