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Ontario to pull out of cap-and-trade, Ford says

Ontario is going to start dismantling the legislative infrastructure designed to fight climate change to save Ontarians a few pennies per litre on gasoline.

From (“Doug Ford says first job is to kill carbon cap-and-trade system“):

“Upon the swearing in of my new cabinet, at the top of our agenda, the very first item will be to pass an order to cancel the Liberal cap-and-trade carbon tax,” he told a news conference Friday.

Ford also suggested that his government would move quickly to block weekend price spikes at the gas pumps, but did not provide details.

The cap-and-trade system, which was implemented by outgoing Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government, imposed a ceiling on greenhouse gas emissions by specified industries.

Companies have been allowed to buy permits at quarterly auctions to exceed limits. To date, the permits have raised $2.9 billion for programs aimed at reducing emissions in other ways, such as new technologies.

Critics say Ford has not outlined how his government would fight climate change, offered no details on a promised “orderly wind down” of cap-and-trade, or said whether the billions already collected from companies for emission permits in the coming years would be paid back from the provincial treasury. …

Ford, who has previously said he believes climate change is caused by human activity, maintained Wynne’s cap-and-trade program — which is run in conjunction with Quebec and California — is ineffective.

“The cap-and-trade and carbon tax does nothing for the environment. All it does is hurt small businesses and hurt families.”

Ford plans to spend $30 million on a legal fight to keep the federal Liberal government from imposing a carbon tax on Ontario.

Ford’s Progressive Conservatives, which won a majority government in the June 7 provincial election, ran largely on reducing costs for consumers. He promised a cut in gas prices of 10 cents per litre. Of that, 4.3 cents would come from cutting the cap-and-trade program and another 5.7 cents would come from cutting the excise tax on gasoline.

If Alberta’s United Conservative Party forms a government in a provincial election expected in May 2019, that means Ontario and all of the Prairie provinces (which will all have conservative governments) will be brothers in arms fighting the federal carbon tax.

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