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Regulate fake news, Canadians say in poll

From the Toronto Star story: “A survey by Nanos Research for the organization Canadian Journalists for Free Expression found a strong majority of Canadians — more than eight in 10 — say false information that looks legitimate is making it harder to find out what’s real. To help prevent the spread of fake news, seven out of 10 Canadians think the government should step in.”

From the Toronto Star (“7 in 10 Canadians say the government should regulate fake news, poll says“):

Half of Canadians agreed, and 30 per cent somewhat agreed, that finding accurate information was growing more difficult.

Thirty-eight per cent agreed, and 34 per cent agreed somewhat, that government regulation is needed to prevent the spread of fake news.

Henheffer (Tom, of Canadian Journalists for Freedom of Expression) said the “research is really still out in terms of how we can combat fake news.”

Anytime the government regulates the news industry “is extremely uncomfortable and something that we are very concerned about,” Henheffer said.

“But at the same time, the proliferation of fake news and the media bubble that people are insulated in on social media … is really worrying because it means that people aren’t being exposed to the same types of differing opinions that they normally would be.”

Tue, June 19 2018 » Main Page, Media