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Trump is winning his war with the media

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence (left) and U.S. President Donald Trump.

CBC News’ Neil Macdonald looks at the current controversy involving U.S. President Donald Trump’s rampage against the children of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, but he also has observations about Trump’s running war with the media.

From (“This is not America? Oh, yes, it is“):

Rationally, you’d expect unimpeded information and serious analysis about the consequences of Trump’s rampage through the hilltop city to fuel a backlash so immediate as to stop him in his tracks.

But, as has been demonstrated repeatedly in the year and a half since Trump’s victory, facts don’t matter anymore, and neither do the journalists and experts who struggle to put them forth.

As journalism professor Jay Rosen has persuasively argued, Trump is clearly winning his war against the media, an institution Trump has described as a great danger to America.

Fact-checking, the essence of journalism, no longer matters much, says Rosen, because it carries no consequence.

Politicians, caught lying, used to at least stop repeating the lie, even if they wouldn’t admit having lied. Being a proven liar was just too uncomfortable. No longer. Trump lies easily and overwhelmingly; he couldn’t give a toss about fact-checkers, and neither do his supporters. The brazen lie is now of no more consequence than serial philandering or consorting with foreign enemies who want to corrupt elections.

Donald Trump, who loves winning, is winning. He is beating America’s allies, he is crushing America’s media, he is demonizing and desiccating American law enforcement, and hinting that in the end, he might even use his pardon power to sweep away rule of law. He has in fact already done so.

In her op-ed for The Washington Post, Laura Bush asked for compassion, kindness and morality. This is not America, she argued.

Well, yes it is. Trump is America, and America, it turns out, isn’t so exceptional after all.

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