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I’m a Rebel Mouser now

To see my new social media front page, go to It seems to be a good way of keeping up with the highlights of my Twitter feed, particularly those tweets with visual elements or links in them. But to get the real deal in real time, follow me at @billdinTO.

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I’m on Google+

Encircle me. I’m treating Google Plus as Twitter, the extended mix. I like its photo gallery feature, imperfect though it may be, so I’ll likely post photos there and link back. Minute-to-minute blathering can be found on Twitter: @billdinTO. When I’m back up to speed, this blog will the place for curating, analysis and major commentaries penned by […]

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New blog addy coming

In the days ahead, I'm going to be shifting from Blogware, my blog publishing tool since August 2004, to a WordPress platform. Once there, my domain name will be (it isn't live yet). All of my more than 6,800 posts are coming with me — er, thanks to the work of Ben Kennedy at […]

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I'm now on Facebook

Because I found I don't spend enough of my time at a computer, I decided to finally join up for Facebook. More seriously, it's a good reporting tool and it just seems to me I should be on it for that reason rather than going cap in hand to folks at my workplace to find […]

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On vacation

I'm on summer vacation as of now, and the blogging will, shall we say, be spotty. I might post here and there, but otherwise, this will be a dead zone. See you in two weeks!

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Wed, July 9 2008 » Admin » Comments Off on On vacation

My Blogware tantrum continues

I sent the following e-mail on Wednesday afternoon to one Jacqueline Cook, marketing director at Tucows: For the past month, the 'dashboard' on Blogware has worked intermittently for me at best. It's been down for 12-hour stretches, and for days at a time.   There are all types of other technical problems making my blog an […]

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Fri, September 14 2007 » Admin, Main Page » Comments Off on My Blogware tantrum continues


Not that I get inundated with them, but if you've tried to comment to this blog in recent days and you haven't seen your comment appear yet, you haven't been censored. The piece-of-shit Blogware publishing tool I'm using isn't letting me approve comments. This has been going on for more than a month. Better to send […]

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Wed, September 12 2007 » Admin, Main Page » Comments Off on Comments

The Blogware suckathon continues

Still can't get into the control panel. Take your time, Tucows. This has only been going on for weeks.

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Ho, hum. Another day where Blogware sucks

I can't really manage my blog right now because Blogware is having one of those afternoons.

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This blog enters its fourth year of existence today

I launched this blog on Aug. 12, 2004. Three years later, I've made 4,561 posts and through them, altered the course of human history in ways that neither myself or overall humanity fully appreciate yet. Or not. Thanks to all those who, through their loyal patronage, have made this blog number 177,881 on Technorati. I […]

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