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Sports blogging is a tough business

A good cautionary tale about how following one’s work passion into blindly running a blog as a business can lead to a financially rocky place.

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Mon, July 6 2015 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Greek referendum voters reject more austerity

About 61 per cent of Greeks who voted in Sunday’s convoluted (the question was 73 words long) said no to more austerity measures in exchange for European financial support. Now the tea leaves will be aggressively read to see exactly what that means for the proud, destitute Greeks.

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How Circa structured news

From the Nieman Lab subhead: “Circa’s backend placed every news event into a broader, branched network of stories — providing a structured vision of the larger narratives that other news organizations might not identify from day-to-day copy.”

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How Islamic State hooked one lonely American girl

A young adult named Alex living in rural America met some of the best friends she ever had online. Too bad they were Islamic State recruiters.

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‘Decline of Western Civilization’ films re-released

From the NYT (“Penelope Spheeris Reissues ‘Decline of Western Civilization’ Films“): The arrival of “The Decline of Western Civilization Collection” as a pristine extras-filled box set from Shout Factory this week is to budding punks what a new “Star Wars” movie is to, well, all the other kids: something they never thought they’d get to […]

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Ten numbers that speak truths about where the U.S. news business is today

Ken Doctor of Newsonomics has produced a listicle that provides some food for thought about where the news business is and where it is likely going. Apply to Canada where you see fit.

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Fri, June 26 2015 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Alberta to double its modest carbon tax by 2017

From the Globe and Mail (“Alberta to double carbon tax by 2017, strengthen emissions reduction targets“): Alberta will be doubling its carbon levy over the next two years – the first change in the tax’s eight-year history – as the province works on broader measures to burnish its image as a responsible oil producer.

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Innovative mobile news service Circa runs out of cash

Circa, the news app, says it will shut down. It has not been updated since June 21st. — Mashable (@mashable) June 24, 2015

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Wed, June 24 2015 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Court orders Dutch government to cut carbon emissions

In what is being called a landmark ruling, a Dutch court has ordered the government to cut carbon emissions by 25 per cent within five years to protect its citizens from climate change.

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Inventor hit kitsch home run with plastic flamingoes

Don Featherstone was a young art school graduate in the mid-1950s when he invented one of the most enduring lawn ornaments of the 20th century — the plastic pink flamingo.

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