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Lemmy’s dead

Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, bassist and vocalist for Motörhead and one of the seemingly indestructible figures of hard rock, has died at age 70. Two days earlier, he’d be diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. The amazing thing is why he wasn’t dead by 35. He lived a hard-rock life.

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Wanna play editor?

Toronto Star public editor Kathy English has produced a quiz (“You be the editor“) that will allow you to test your editing instincts against hers. You have until Jan. 4 to respond. There are 18 questions that actually draw from real-life Star scenarios.

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The Guardian is hiring in Canada — with an asterix

The asterix, for some journalists, is this: This position will filled be on a full-time freelance contract basis My instant analysis on Twitter:

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Syrian refugee crisis named news story of 2015

While three-year-old Alan Kurdi didn’t displace Justin Trudeau as Canada’s newsmaker of the year, his death galvanized the Canadian public into getting involved in the Syrian refugee crisis.

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Trudeau picked as CP’s Newsmaker of the Year

From CP via (“Justin Trudeau runaway choice as Canadian Press Newsmaker of the Year“): Fully 87 per cent chose Trudeau as the top newsmaker in The Canadian Press’s annual survey of newsrooms across the country.

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Mon, December 21 2015 » Main Page, Media » 1 Comment

Trudeau promises ‘proper review’ of Access to Information Act

From CP via the Toronto Star (“Trudeau to review law allowing access to information“): Ensuring Canadians have access to federal information will mean more — and sometimes difficult — public scrutiny, but ultimately it will lead to better government, the prime minister says.

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Washington Post winds down its Internet hoax-debunking column

From the Washington Post (“What was fake on the Internet this week: Why this is the final column“), by Caitlin Dewey: There is nothing — NOTHING — too crazy for the Internet hoax beat. Pregnancy by flu shot? Six days of total darkness? In the past 82 weeks, I’m prettyyyy sure I’ve seen just about everything.

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The war on Christmas

Horrible scene from War on Christmas internment camp at secret location in Midwest. — Alan Cooper (@MrAlanCooper) December 19, 2015  

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COP21: ‘Paris climate talks were a noble failure’

Globe and Mail columnist Eric Reguly on why despite its many positives, the Paris climate talks may ultimately fail in its mission to cut global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Nieman Lab journalism predictions for 2016

Here is a roundup of what the Nieman Lab considers to be the smartest people in online journalism making their predictions for the industry in 2016:

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