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Canada’s job market – weaker than it first appears?

Business professor Mike Moffat crunched some numbers. What he found suggests that Canada’s jobs picture may be weaker than at first glance.

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Getting flamed on Twitter? Block early, block often

Steve Ladurantaye, Twitter’s head of news and government partnerships, recommends that journalists not be shy about blocking those who are simply being nasty trolls on the 140-character service, the Toronto Star‘s Susan Delacourt reports. One question she pondered in a July 25 article is whether sunshine also works by shining a light on the miscreants.

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One month in Edmonton

Today marks one month since I left Toronto. Besides my friends there, here is a sampling of a few things I miss from the dot that don’t appear to be easily replicated in Edmonton:

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How Putin’s beliefs attack the core of modern Europe

I really liked this analysis of the Ukraine conflict by the Globe and Mail’s Doug Saunders.

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Older workers and the long-term unemployed

The Globe and Mail published a story today about the depressing lot of the long-term unemployed, but danced around the issue of who gets hammered the worst — older workers. I add a few thoughts of my own.

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A view from an ex-PMOer on social media and the news cycle

Andrew MacDougall is a former director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He argues in a commentary for that the Internet has hurt political reporting and increased spin.

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Wall Street sends Twitter’s share value down

Note a few tweets: $TWTR: Twitter’s stock price has hit an all-time low in after hours trading — Mashable (@mashable) April 29, 2014 Twitter timeline views also fell year-over-year, especially globally, a bad sign for future growth. $TWTR — Vindu Goel (@vindugoel) April 29, 2014

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The Toronto Star and its paywall

The Toronto Star released a story on its readership figures with the headline Toronto Star remains country’s most-read paper. Bravo! Well done! Well, let’s take a closer look at the reported numbers, especially online.

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Deck shuffling in the newspaper skirmishes

The Toronto Star lost a reporter and two sports columnists to its competitors in recent days: Robyn Doolittle has joined the Globe and Mail as an investigative reporter Cathal Kelly is now the Globe’s lead sports columnist Sports columnist Damien Cox left to join Sportsnet J-Source posted a memo from Star EIC Michael Cooke who […]

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I see by your tweets that you’re a lefty

This is a mildly disturbing little story from CANADALAND, the media criticism site of Jesse Brown.

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