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‘Toronto Star’ public editor wouldn’t have posted the Foley video

Kathy English, the Toronto Star‘s public editor, admits she’s more squeamish than Michael Cooke, the paper’s editor, when it comes to things such as posting the video leading up to the murder of U.S. journalist James Foley. She wouldn’t have posted the Islamic State-made video at all. I’m on her side in this one.

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More on the murder of James Foley

The U.S. FBI confirmed Wednesday that the video of photojournalist James Foley being killed by an Islamic State militant was real. With Foley’s death confirmed, other news began to spill out: The U.S. had tried a commando raid into Syria but it failed to find Foley and the other hostages, and that IS made a […]

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Islamic State militants murder captive U.S. photojournalist

The psychopaths at Islamic State are at it again. They released a video purportedly showing the murder of U.S. photojournalist James Foley, who had been captured in Syria back in November 2012.

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‘Thoughts on depression from an artistic mind’

Writer Michael Redhill penned some thoughts on the scourge of depression from the perspective of someone who has suffered with bouts of it for about four decades.

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CTV cuts back episodes, lays off staff at ‘W5′

Citing a weak advertising market, CTV News has announced layoffs and a reduction in the number of original episodes for W5, its investigative and current-affairs show.

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‘Why does the CBC compete with newspapers?’

Media researcher Barry Kiefl asks some penetrating questions about why the CBC is so hell-bent on becoming a content company when its mandate is to be a public broadcaster.

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‘Is Twitter ruining young press operatives?’

This article, from the U.S.-based Campaigns and Elections, is about the distorting effect of Twitter on young campaign press officials, but author Mark Harris also has some things to say about reporters too.

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Good advice on job-hunting in the social media era

Steve Buttry posted the following to his blog on Aug. 5:  Job-hunting tips: Spread the word, network, be patient and persistent. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re looking, think you might be looking or are about to be forced into looking without realizing it yet. Here are the subheads:

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Some straight talk about depression, suicide and Robin Williams

As a depression survivor, I found this op-ed from the Guardian to be one of the most commonsensical takes surrounding the tragic death of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams, who had reportedly been suffering from severe depression when he took his life on Monday.

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This blog is 10 years old

On Aug. 12,2004, I made my first post. Now, 10 years and nearly 7,400 posts later, Bill Doskoch: Media, Big Picture Stuff, Film and Minutiae still exists!

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