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Just looking at this will make you fat

You can watch the TurBaconEpic, a 79,046-calorie monstrosity, being assembled at the Epic Meal Time channel on YouTube. I first saw reference to this at The Globe and Mail via Facebook. Essentially, here are the ingredients: deboned quail cornish game hen bacon strips veal-pork sausage chicken bacon-croissant stuffing bacon strips boneless duck boneless turkey more […]

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Fri, November 26 2010 » Main Page, Minutiae, multimedia, photos » 1 Comment

Speedy J – ‘Ping Pong’

A nice bit of trance posted by Matt M over on Facebook. I liked it so much, I’m archiving it here:

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Wed, November 24 2010 » Main Page, multimedia, Music Monday et al » Comments Off

How to cover a shooting in a time of social media

Seen via Facebook (thanks, Fred!)

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Fri, November 19 2010 » Main Page, Media, multimedia » 2 Comments

An ‘Apocalypse Now Redux’-inspired mini-set

Here’s what I tweeted: Because I just finished watching ‘Apocalypse Now Redux,’ some tunes from the era – CCR, ‘Run through the Jungle’ - Jefferson Airplane, ‘Volunteers’ - Rolling Stones, ‘Midnight Rambler’ - The Doors, ‘The End’ - One more: Rolling Stones, ‘Paint It Black’ - The Doors song is the only one on the sound […]

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Mon, November 15 2010 » Film, Main Page, multimedia, Music Monday et al » 3 Comments

‘Some day, this war’s gonna end’

Since this was Remembrance Day, I posted a link to Twitter about a Feb. 27, 2008 post based on the monologue of Col. Walter Kurtz (Marlon Brando) to Capt. Benjamin L. Willard (Martin Sheen) in the masterpiece-level 1979 film Apocalypse Now Redux (The horror, the horror). I particularly liked the writing, and the truth within, […]

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Thu, November 11 2010 » * Big Picture Stuff, Film, Main Page, multimedia » 1 Comment

A nostalgic blast of Canuckistani punk rawk

The Forgotten Rebels out of Hamilton were a great Canadian punk band (saw them perform at Edmonton’s Ambassador Hotel circa 1985. Probably still have the gig pictures somewheres). Here they are performing one of their classic tunes, Surfin’ on Heroin: Here’s the studio version, taken from the band’s MySpace page. I think I like the […]

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Mon, October 25 2010 » Main Page, multimedia, Music Monday et al » Comments Off

Picking a small bone with the ‘Taxi Driver’ script

Saw the monster Martin Scorsese movie Taxi Driver tonight at the Bell Light Box. It’s unquestionably one of the great films of the 1970s (it’s number 45 on TIFF’s list of the 100 essential films), and I love the way it captures the street life of Manhattan during that period of urban decay in the Big […]

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Sun, October 24 2010 » Film, Main Page, multimedia » Comments Off

The mighty Niagara River

This is what you see when you approach the Niagara River in the Glen: I think it’s a pretty awesome sight. My fishing excursion took me a few hundred metres south of that site to an eddy above the rapids. I could see plenty of evidence of salmon present, but they had no interest in indulging me. One clip captures […]

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Where iPads break down

Saw this from multiple sources:

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Sun, September 12 2010 » Main Page, Media, multimedia » Comments Off

NYT vs. WSJ – Wacky news-animation style

Blog habitué Dio Clese, who blogs himself at News Gadgets, passed along this treat! (thanks!) He also passed on this Wired article on the Taiwan-based company that creates these newsimations — Next Media Animations (NWA): Taiwan Tabloid Sensation Next Media Recreates the News. Some earlier, related posts: Dec. 10, 2009 – About that Tiger Woods animation Dec. […]

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