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Journalists aren’t even covering the ‘horse race’ well

An author argues that while many complain that U.S. election coverage is too weighted to the race and not policies, journalists themselves don’t understand how much the quantitative side of political campaigning has advanced.

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Covering the (election) horse race

An amusing comic by way of The Strip in the New York Times.

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Ontario’s most interesting ridings to watch

If you’re watching tonight’s election, check out this story I wrote for CTV Toronto: Ontario election-night political fights to watch My prediction? Ontario Liberals will win the right to continue governing. I think they will get a seat total somewhere in the mid-50s to very low 60s (out of 107). The Progressive Conservatives will finish […]

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Ontario election leaders’ tour maps

A little election project I’ve been working on at is mapping the leaders’ tours. Here they are: Week 3 Map: Battling for votes in the GTA Week 2 Map: Plow match brings leaders together Week 1 Map: Leaders shadowing May 2 wins, losses The shorter version is that what happened on May 2 seems […]

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Satirist Stewart touted as America’s new Edward R. Murrow

A New York Times article asks whether Jon Stewart of The Daily Show fame is to our times what CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow was to the news media of the 1950s. My tweeted response? Jon Stewart has his Murrow-esque moments mainly when he abandons his comedic persona & plays a journalist on TV.

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Mon, December 27 2010 » Main Page, Media, politics » 6 Comments

Can an auditor-general’s report bring down a government?

David Akin had posted the following to his blog on Tuesday: The U.S. government’s shocking lack of financial reporting accountability. It got some attention on Twitter on Wednesday. About the same time, Akin tweeted: An auditor’s report like this would bring down govts in Canada. In the U.S., barely a shrug This provoked me into asking Mr. Akin […]

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What made Kathy English tweet this?

Kathy English, the public editor of the Toronto Star, issued this tweet Tuesday night: Did Rob Ford aide lie to me in seeking correction about Ford’s university record? Was I had? What is truth here?

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America’s great cleaving

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow outlines how the recent U.S. midterm election revealed a nation retreating from moderation in its politics. This has journalistic implications.

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Lying in politics? Everybody does it

Further to my Queen’s Quay Karen post, here are some remarks uttered Friday by Nick Kouvalis,  who managed the campaign of Toronto’s mayor-elect Rob Ford.

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Queen’s Quay Karen

My last post was about the emphemeral nature of online life and relationships. This one is about outright fakery.

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