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‘Is Twitter ruining young press operatives?’

This article, from the U.S.-based Campaigns and Elections, is about the distorting effect of Twitter on young campaign press officials, but author Mark Harris also has some things to say about reporters too.

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Canada, the ‘public relations state’?

From the Hill Times: The swelling of the federal government’s communications bureaucracy to more than 3,000 workers reflects a “public relations state” designed to keep pace with the news cycle and politicize government messaging, experts say.

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40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation

This event (and the above image) riveted me as a 15-year-old back in 1974 — A disgraced president stepping down from office, improbably flashing his trademark V-for-victory gestures and a smile just this side of maniacal.

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The news media’s lionization of Jim Flaherty

Former federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, a heavy hitter within the Conservative cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, died suddenly last Thursday of a massive heart attack. Almost everyone went nuts about it, including the supposedly clear-eyed news media.

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Tue, April 15 2014 » Main Page, Media, politics » 1 Comment

The Gettysburg Address as PowerPoint presentation

I found this concept to be amusing. From the Atlantic, but pointing to Peter Norvig’s fantastic reimagining of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg, which marks its 150th anniversary today, as a PowerPoint presentation:

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Tories rush to fundraise after press gallery snub

From the Globe and Mail: After barring reporters from covering one of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s speeches, the Conservative Party is decrying a “new low for the Ottawa media elite” because some TV cameras refused to film the event if reporters weren’t allowed inside.

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Thu, October 17 2013 » Main Page, Media, politics » 1 Comment

Rational commentary on an idiotic expense ‘scandal’

On Sunday, the inimitable Sue-Anne Levy of the Toronto Sun published an “expose” of supposed spending abuses by executives with the 2015 Pan Am Games, which are to take place in southern Ontario.

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Some thoughts on the fiscal record of Ralph Klein

I spent a good part of Sunday reading and listening to accounts of Ralph Klein’s political life (he died Friday at age 70). Here is some of what I think was missed.

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The big stakes for Big Oil in climate fight

Toronto Star columnist Linda McQuaig compares today’s oil companies to the Luddites of the Industrial Revolution for blocking progress in the battle against global warming. She highlighted some interesting numbers from a July 19 Bill McKibben article for Rolling Stone on climate change:

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Social media tips for covering U.S. election night

Both of these are from the Poynter Institute: 1. The eight commandments of tweeting on Election Day 2. Six social media mistakes to avoid this Election Day Of the two, ‘six mistakes’ is the more substantial read.

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