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How to pick a breakfast beer for the World Cup

Usually I don’t even consider beer at 10 a.m., but World Cup games on a weekend open up new vistas with respects to the consumption of barley-based beverages. The Globe and Mail’s Beppi Crossariol was kind enough to advise his readers on this issue.

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Not covering a drug war

Reynosa, Mexico — which lies just south of the U.S. /Texas border, but about 100 kilometres west of the Gulf of Mexico — is in the grip of a vicious drug war. However, you won’t find the local news media covering it, or local government officials commenting (albiet with good reason, given the level of […]

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The Gordon Lightfoot cockup

A news organization puts out a story saying Canadian folksinging legend Gordon Lightfoot is dead — based on an anonymous source with no apparent attempt to verify the story. Zaniness ensues.

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CBC goes outside again to hire new head

From (posted April 28) Former BBC News editor Rachel Nixon has been appointed director of digital media for CBC News, the CBC announced Tuesday. A journalist with a print background, Nixon joined the BBC in 1998 and held a host of different positions at the British public broadcaster over the next nine years, including […]

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My TIFF 2008 picks

Here's my TIFF draw picks. Wish me luck! First choices – Soul Power – JCVD – Synoche, NY – Eden Log – Detroit Metal City – One Week – The Burrowers – Adam Resurrected – Of Time and the City – Linha de Passe Second choices – The Real Shaolin – At the Edge of […]

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Gas is still not that expensive

You may be asking on what I base the above observation, given that gas in southern Ontario has gone up to $1.33 per litre in recent days. I base it on driving behaviour. I went out for what has become an annual trip to fish Loughborough Lake north of Kingston, which necessitates driving eastward on […]

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