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The New Yorker editorial

I would really love those out there in Dubya-lover land to explain to me how they could read the New Yorker editorial this week and still vote for him. What a lucid, thorough and elegant indictment of Bush’s record over the past four years.

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It was a *joke*

One of those bitchily amusing Brits at the Guardian took irony a little far. And as a result, Charlie Brooker is apologizing for asking where the presidential assassins of yesteryear are today. Here’s what the Guardian posted on Sunday: The final sentence of a column in The Guide on Saturday caused offence to some readers. […]

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Sunday Toronto Star reads

Bush’s encroaching senility, his God-o-mania, reasoned analysis and much more from the Sunday Toronto Star. Media critic Antonia Zerbisias wrote the following: Media losing battle of the bulge.

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Truth first casualty of Cheney debate style

Toronto Star media columnist Antonia Zerbisias takes a rather churlish look at the Dick Cheney- John Edwards debate from last night. She thinks Uncle Dick lied! Imagine!!

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On Cable, a Fog of Words About Kerry’s War Record

From … Bill Doskoch  Toronto, ON  —————  TV WATCH  On Cable, a Fog of Words About Kerry’s War Record

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Kerry: Is he doomed?

Although I don’t need even more proof I’m a catastrophizer with horrible political instincts, here goes nothing: I’m starting to think Dubya will be the one standing on Nov. 2.

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