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Scolding the PMO over spin control

The Toronto Star weighed in with an editorial about the federal Conservative government’s obsession with micro-managing government communications.

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Real, or Onionesque?

What if I told you the Harper Tories have had a fake, Muskoka lake built inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to provide a photo op for G8 reporters. Would you believe me?

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Message Event Proposals

Mike Blanchfield and Jim Bronskill, two enterprising reporters at The Canadian Press, have been doing some digging on just how far the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper goes to control its message — and how it is shifting the non-partisan apparatus of the public service into playing a quasi-political role.

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Help! Please, help!

I can’t understand a damned thing that Angelo Persichelli wrote about in the Sunday Star. It seems to be something of a swipe at the opposition on Parliament Hill and the Parliamentary press gallery. I read it several times over the course of the day, but it made my eyes tired and my mind foggy.

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