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Brunching in Toronto – A forced attack against it

Toronto writer Shawn Micallef has just written a book entitled The Trouble with Brunch: Work, Class and the Pursuit of Leisure. He argues that brunch is an illusion of la dolce vita. I figure so what — eggs benedict taste great! In a cool room with great music, even better!

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Top 20 t-dot sammies

Toronto Life has a round-up of the top 20 sandwiches in Toronto. I have some exploring to do. :) Three sammies that immediately caught my eye: fried chicken sandwich at Barque pulled pork at at the Hogtown Cure grilled cheese with meat loaf, mac-and-cheese and bacon at Uncle Betty’s Drool. :)

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The roots of deli

For me, going to Montreal and not going to Schwartz’s would be like a baseball fan going to Cooperstown, N.Y. and not working in a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Unthinkable. I must have made that clear during my time on Twitter, for notice this tweet from Thursday:

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Squirrel stew as austerity dish?

The BBC explores whether squirrel should resume its traditional place in the American stew pot. I particularly liked this quote from William Hovey Smith, who lives on his family’s old plantation in the great state of Georgia: “I do not cook the squirrel heads, although my mother dearly loved them – squirrel brains,” he recalls. […]

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Just looking at this will make you fat

You can watch the TurBaconEpic, a 79,046-calorie monstrosity, being assembled at the Epic Meal Time channel on YouTube. I first saw reference to this at The Globe and Mail via Facebook. Essentially, here are the ingredients: deboned quail cornish game hen bacon strips veal-pork sausage chicken bacon-croissant stuffing bacon strips boneless duck boneless turkey more […]

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Montreal-style ‘chien chauds’ in Oshawa – The real deal

Once upon a time on Chowhound, I found a reference to a Montreal-style steamed hotdog joint in Oshawa. On Friday, I searched. I found. I ate there. It was good. You could even say it was trés bien.

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Creative street food: Only a Third World phenomenon? Pity.

Doug Saunders asks why Canada can’t match the excellent street food of places such as Dhaka, Bangladesh, and speculates on how the points system for immigration may have crippled the development of such cuisine here.

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