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Canada’s loss to Team USA got you down?

Don’t fret (if you missed it, Canada lost 5-3 to Team USA. Here’s the Star’s story). Read Roy MacGregor’s column from Friday:  A loss to the US might not be a bad thing

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And the odd factoids about Canada just keep on coming

From the NYT: What is the difference between a Canadian and an American? The old question is coming up again here at the Olympics, with answers involving eagerness for war, ketchup, the pronunciation of toque or the ability to identify poutine and the Tragically Hip. But none may be so simple as how one holds […]

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A well-deserved slap upside the NHL’s head

A buddy of mine forwarded me this column by King Kaufman, a Salon writer, who nicely summarizes and enhances a Forbes article on the NHL’s mendaciousness about its economic problems:

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