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Fired Tyee editor launches wrongful dismissal suit

Jane Armstrong was an accomplished senior journalist when she joined the Tyee as editor-in-chief last fall. Seven months later, the Tyee heaved her overboard. She is now suing for wrongful dismissal.

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Silverman tapped to head Buzzfeed Canada

From the Globe and Mail (“BuzzFeed hires author of award-winning book on journalistic errors to head Canadian team“): BuzzFeed, the news and viral content factory that has sometimes been burned by made-up news stories, has hired a leading warrior against fake viral content to head up its new Canadian editorial operations.

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An alternative theory for the firing of Kevin Crull

David Olive, business columnist for the Toronto Star, speculates that a speech Kevin Crull gave on March 6 lambasting the CRTC  may be the real reason he got turfed from his job as CEO of Bell Media yesterday.

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Postmedia posts $58-million loss in second quarter

Declining advertising revenues and currency devaluations both combined to push Postmedia into greater loss territory than it was a year ago.

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Transitioning from print to digital

This is a link to a speech by Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron (“Washington Post Executive Editor Martin Baron on journalism’s transition from print to digital“).

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CBC announces regional cuts in local news

The CBC is cutting 244 jobs, including 144 from English language services, while planning to add positions in digital.

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Bell Media CEO pulls rank, apologizes

In a rare show of corporate power exerting itself over a news division, Bell Media CEO Kevin Crull ordered CTV News properties not to show any further video of CRTC chairman Pierre Blais following the commission’s ruling last week on pick-and-pay cable packages, the Globe and Mail reported.

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Major layoffs reported at Yahoo Canada

There are reports emerging on Twitter that Yahoo Canada has shuttered its Quebec operations and laid off an unspecified number of editorial staffers in Toronto and Montreal. By my count, Yahoo Canada laid off 35 percent of its editorial staff today. @jsource @jembradshaw — Ian Denomme (@IanDenomme) February 12, 2015 Denomme describes himself in his […]

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Huffington Post to focus on good news

Now that the Huffington Post is mostly grown up, founder and editor in chief Arianna Huffington believes that people are ready to read and share good news.

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Blurred lines

A hot new trend is called native advertising, where advertising material is dressed up to look like news stories. Profitable, yes, but is it ethical? Neil Macdonald reports for CBC News. Appearances from Andrew Sullivan, Ben Smith of Buzzfeed and more.

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