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Huffington Post to focus on good news

Now that the Huffington Post is mostly grown up, founder and editor in chief Arianna Huffington believes that people are ready to read and share good news.

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Fri, February 6 2015 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Blurred lines

A hot new trend is called native advertising, where advertising material is dressed up to look like news stories. Profitable, yes, but is it ethical? Neil Macdonald reports for CBC News. Appearances from Andrew Sullivan, Ben Smith of Buzzfeed and more.

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Wed, February 4 2015 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

The Faustian bargain of Postmedia

As Postmedia Network Canada Ltd. continues to shrink its newsrooms and send money to its hedge-fund benefactors in the United States, David Olive argues those newspapers are becoming less and less utility to the citizens and communities they serve.

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Fri, January 23 2015 » Main Page, Media » 1 Comment

A little less gravy for star CBC on-air personalities

From the Globe and Mail: The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. is banning all outside paid appearances by its on-air journalists, after almost a year of controversy over allegations of potential conflicts-of-interest.

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Thu, January 22 2015 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Toronto news anchor resigns over conflict of interest

From the Globe and Mail: Global News anchor Leslie Roberts has resigned from the network he called home for 15 years as it investigated his undisclosed ties to a public-relations firm.

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Thu, January 15 2015 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Bell Media makes TV, radio staff cuts

From the Globe and Mail: Bell Media has cut 80 full-time positions in its latest round of layoffs, citing an “industry-wide challenging advertising market.”

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Wed, November 19 2014 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

‘Toronto Sun’ takes Levant’s side in Trudeau spat

Big surprise here. The Toronto Sun‘s editorial on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s decision to “not engage” with Sun Media made much of Trudeau’s slight and little of the putrid attack that preceded it.

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Wed, September 24 2014 » * Big Picture Stuff, Main Page » Comments Off

Global unveils plan for new national local news channel

From the Globe and Mail: Shaw Communications Inc. is pitching a new 24-hour news channel with a flexible mix of national and local news, hoping to make its local Global networks more financially viable.

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Mon, September 22 2014 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

CBC wants to abandon ‘free’ broadcasting

From the Globe and Mail: Canada’s public broadcaster says it can no longer afford to offer its television programming for free over the air as its advertising revenue deteriorates, and it wants cable and satellite companies to start paying for its signals.

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Sat, September 13 2014 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Bell Media wants viewers to pay for local newscasts

Bell Media president Kevin Krull tells the CRTC his local newscasts are losing money. He wants consumers to start paying for the privilege of watching those shows.

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Wed, September 10 2014 » Main Page, Media » 1 Comment