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Mr. Carr takes a second look at ‘Vice’

New York Times media columnist David Carr wrote about Vice in 2010. He has now taken a second look at the renegades, and decided that it has matured into a legitimate source of hard news that even young people will watch.

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‘Last call: The end of printed newspapers’

Leading Internet thinker Clay Shirky published another provocative essay on what he sees as the dismal future of newspapers. Changes in advertising will inevitably mean more closures of them, he argues.

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‘Toronto Star’ public editor wouldn’t have posted the Foley video

Kathy English, the Toronto Star‘s public editor, admits she’s more squeamish than Michael Cooke, the paper’s editor, when it comes to things such as posting the video leading up to the murder of U.S. journalist James Foley. She wouldn’t have posted the Islamic State-made video at all. I’m on her side in this one.

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CTV cuts back episodes, lays off staff at ‘W5′

Citing a weak advertising market, CTV News has announced layoffs and a reduction in the number of original episodes for W5, its investigative and current-affairs show.

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Newspaper divisions being spun off by U.S. media companies

David Carr of the New York Times observes that major U.S. media companies are bundling up their newspapers into separate divisions and leaving them to their fate.

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Buzzfeed gets big VC bucks to expand, deepen content offerings

Buzzfeed has been one of the great successes in online journalism, and now it’s about to take a US$50 million step forward courtesy of a venture capital firm.

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‘No more waffling, big Canadian media’

Craig Silverman wrote an interesting blog post in which he lauds some major Canadian media players for getting off the fence and picking a strategic direction.

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Print advertising weakness continues at Toronto Star

Despite continuing weakness in revenue from its print operations, Torstar Corp. managed to boost its second-quarter profit.

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Global News offers buyouts to staff

Saw this on Twitter today: Global News is offering buyouts to employees #cdnmedia #journalism #television — Tamara Baluja (@tamara_baluja) April 16, 2014 The #broadcast and #online graphics team at Global News will be consolidated. The memo I have doesn't say what this means for firing/hiring — Tamara Baluja (@tamara_baluja) April 16, 2014 Global News memo […]

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Some dismaying markers for U.S. journalism

Shrinking news revenues and shrinking newsroom headcounts continue to cast a shadow over the U.S. news industry.

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