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An ex-editor lists his regrets

John Robinson has been out of the newspaper game for a year, after being in it for 27, the last l3 as editor of the News and Record newspaper in Greensboro, N.C. He offers some thoughts on what he would have done better, looking backward through the lens.

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Mon, December 3 2012 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Worst practical joke judgment ever

Two journalists in Kyrgyzstan are out of a job after they kidnapped a female broadcaster and threatened her life at gunpoint as part of some ill-conceived practical joke. The broadcaster is Nazira Aytbekova.

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Fri, November 2 2012 » Main Page, Media, Minutiae » Comments Off

Toronto Star going the digital subscription route

The flurry of paywall expansions is continuing, this time with Canada’s largest newspaper announcing it is going to introduce a digital subscription in 2013.

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Mon, October 29 2012 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Postmedia to push paywalls as revenues sag

From The Globe and Mail: Canada’s largest chain of metropolitan newspapers will close the gates in the new year and ask readers to pay to read their online content.

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Thu, October 25 2012 » Main Page, Media » 1 Comment

Canadian newspapers look on the bright side

Four top newspaper editors in Toronto talked about the challenges facing their newsrooms in a world where print economics are crumbling and digital is proving to be an economic scramble.

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Wed, October 24 2012 » Main Page, Media » 1 Comment

‘Hive minds,’ partisan audiences and newsrooms

Arthur Brisbane Jr., outgoing public editor of the New York Times, had a few things to say in his final column about groupthink in the newsroom.

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Sun, August 26 2012 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Postmedia talks of continued cost-cutting

Striving to become a profitable, digital-first media company, Postmedia announced Tuesday that it plans to continue cutting costs in the next few years as it revealed lower second-quarter earnings.

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Tue, July 10 2012 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

‘Globe and Mail’ to seek furlough volunteers

In response to a slowdown in advertising sales, the Globe and Mail will be asking staff to accept unpaid furloughs this summer as one way to cut costs.

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Thu, May 10 2012 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

‘Globe and Mail’ to introduce metered paywall

From The Globe and Mail: Publisher and chief executive officer Phillip Crawley told an all-staff meeting Thursday that the paper will implement a metered paywall system this fall, asking readers to pay if they read more than a certain number of articles each month. The number of free articles per month hasn’t yet been established, […]

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Thu, May 10 2012 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

About those digital riches for newspapers

It seems that replacing print dollars with even digital dimes will be tougher than newspaper organizations thought. Digital ad sales are stagnant or even falling at some news companies.

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Wed, May 9 2012 » Main Page, Media » 1 Comment