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World powers, Iran establish framework for nuclear deal

From the NYT via the Globe and Mail (“Comprehensive framework agreed to curb Iran’s nuclear program“): Iran and the world powers said here Thursday that they had reached a surprisingly specific and comprehensive general understanding about the next steps in limiting Tehran’s nuclear program, though Western officials said many details needed to be resolved before […]

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Earthquake or nuclear test in North Korea?

With a 4.9-magnitude earthquake detected in North Korea close to the secretive country’s known nuclear test site, speculation is rife that the communist dictatorship has carried out its third nuclear weapons test.

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China’s nuclear arsenal up by 25 per cent since 2005

China’s been building more than an Olympic “one world, one dream” legacy these past few years. According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the Pentagon estimates China’s nuclear weapons inventory has increased by 25 per cent since 2005. It’s also developed new delivery systems.

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"The ongoing failure of imagination’

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists examines the grim possibility of nuclear terrorism, noting that the failure to prevent 9/11 itself stemmed from a failure of imagination: “A similar failure of imagination leads many today to discount the risk of a nuclear 9/11.”

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North Korea appears to set a nuclear cat amongst the pigeons

North Korea claims to have carried out a successful test of a nuclear weapon — its first. If true (and everyone appears to be taking it quite seriously), we live in a more dangerous, destabilized world.

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