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Journalists are more trusted! Hey, wait a minute

I reflexively retweeted this: globeandmail Canadians trust doctors less, journalists more: poll And how much trust is that? What company are journalists keeping? From the Montreal Gazette story: Speaking of media, national trust in journalists increased by one per cent, to 32 per cent, placing reporters a notch below auto mechanics, but one above […]

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Polling and the Toronto civic election

Toronto Star columnist Royson James has penned a useful column about polling in Toronto’s recently concluded civic election. Read the whole thing, but here is an excerpt on what the media could do better:

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Enough with the ‘Jon Stewart/most trusted newscaster’ meme!!!

I can’t believe people who have more than a high-school education are citing some crappy online poll as evidence that Daily Show host Jon Stewart is now the most trusted newscaster in America.

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Finally, someone picked up on the PIPA survey!

The NYT’s Bob Herbert has written belatedly about the Program on International Policy Attitudes study on Bush and Kerry supporters — and how the Bushies had their heads up their asses (my words, not Herbert’s) on many key issues.

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