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Can’t get fooled again

This came up in a casual conversation today; a Dubya classic:

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Wed, April 21 2010 » Main Page, Minutiae, multimedia, politics » Comments Off

My, what a cheap way to stir controversy

Margaret Wente wrote a remarkably ignorant column rhetorically asking, Why are bloggers male? Many others have debunked the premise of her column, which had absolutely no quantitative information in it whatsoever to back it up. But I’m wondering if it was deliberately stupid.

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Thu, March 18 2010 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

‘The Onion’ with a gem of insight

This could be a TV news item template -¬†Breaking News: Some bullshit happening somewhere And as an additional bonus – How will the end of print journalism affect old loons who hoard newspapers? (h/t to @andrewmcintyre for the first item) Addendum If you liked the above, make sure you check out ‘How to report the […]

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Tue, March 9 2010 » Main Page, Media, multimedia » 2 Comments

Watching the creative process in action

I tweeted the following on Friday: If you want to watch a great satirical mind whirring in real time, I’d recco @lizzwinstead #FF

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Sat, February 20 2010 » Main Page, Media, Minutiae » Comments Off

A concise guide to Canada

The NYT’s Bruce Headlam — who bills himself as a Canadian, although I’ve never met him — offers this guide to what he purports to be his home and native land.

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Mon, February 15 2010 » Main Page, Minutiae » Comments Off

'How to report the news'

This amusing bit of satire by Brit Charlie Brooker, which takes aim at the conventions of TV news, was pointed to by multiple Twitter sources over the course of Thursday:

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Fri, January 29 2010 » Main Page, Media, multimedia » Comments Off

About that Tiger Woods animation

Some j-academics like an animation of how the Tiger Woods Escalade crash might have down — even if they agree it’s not journalism. But that’s not the really cool part.

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Thu, December 10 2009 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

How it may have gone down between Tiger and his missus

Gawker posted this Taiwanese animation of the sequence of events behind the Escalade crash that changed the course of human history: (thanks, Michael!)

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Fri, December 4 2009 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

WaPo’s Howard Kurtz on the Jon Stewart/Most trusted meme

Actually, nothing new here. Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz takes pretty much the same tack I do.

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Tue, July 28 2009 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Enough with the ‘Jon Stewart/most trusted newscaster’ meme!!!

I can’t believe people who have more than a high-school education are citing some crappy online poll as evidence that Daily Show host Jon Stewart is now the most trusted newscaster in America.

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Sat, July 25 2009 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off