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About those digital riches for newspapers

It seems that replacing print dollars with even digital dimes will be tougher than newspaper organizations thought. Digital ad sales are stagnant or even falling at some news companies.

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Wed, May 9 2012 » Main Page, Media » 1 Comment

Facebook and its frictionless eavesdropping

Ivor Tossell turned his gimlet eye to the topic of Facebook’s frictionless sharing, one more step to have everyone operating completely stripped of privacy in its sphere.

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Can mainstream media compete with propaganda?

In the wake of the controversial Stop Kony video campaign aimed at accused African war criminal Joseph Kony, which has garnered more than 78 million YouTube views and counting, Globe and Mail writer Simon Houpt suggests that the term “mainstream media” is now obsolete. Maybe a corollary issue is that effectively-distributed propaganda, even the well-meaning […]

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Tweeting the Tori Stafford trial

It was probably the most disturbing day of testimony heard in a Canadian court since evidence was presented in the Russell Williams case. So how did reporters handle the job of tweeting the evidence in the first-degree murder trial of Michael Rafferty in connection with the death of Woodstock, Ont. girl Tori Stafford? I looked […]

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Wed, March 14 2012 » Main Page, Media » 3 Comments

Facebook, lists and journalists

Facebook has borrowed a good idea from Twitter — lists. A Poynter Institute article gives some tips on how journalists can use them. The caveats, however, are the most useful tips.

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The new world of open journalism

The Guardian newsroom is trying to turn the journalistic model on its head, allowing its audience to help contribute to the production of news stories.

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Thu, March 8 2012 » Main Page, Media » 2 Comments

Twitter and journalists: A round-up

A few items that I saw over the past week and didn’t have time to post:

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Thu, February 23 2012 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Social media tools for journalists

Saw this tweet from Mark Hamilton: Great (exhaustive) list of social media tools for journalists, by@macloo Here’s the post: Best social media tools for journalists

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Social media week findings – the Twitter edition

On Feb. 15, the Poynter Institute’s Jeff Sonderman offered a six-pack of tips from Social Media Week. I’ll highlight one about my favourite SM platform — Twitter:

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Friends, followers and fans – the social constellation

It’s not about journalism per se, but San Franciso-based social media expert Brian Solis wrote an excellent post for Fast Company on how to conceive of the social consumer:

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