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Quebecor wants to take SunTV nationally

Quebecor CEO Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Kory Teneckye, late of the PMO, want to bring hard news and straight talk to the nation’s cable TV subscribers — and they want to be put in a privileged position to do so.

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J-prof doesn’t think a Fox News North will thrive here

Christopher Dornan of the Carleton University School of Journalism doesn’t think the Fox News version of “fair and balanced” vitriol and mean-spiritedness will play in Canada. So the question becomes, what does Quebecor see as the persona for this proposed new TV channel?

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Former top Harper aide now a Quebecor Hill journo

This is mildly mind-boggling. It does suggest the question of whether Quebecor Media Inc. (QMI) wants to become Fox News North as the Toronto Star suggests.

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