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The return of Stewart and Colbert

It’s now past my bedtime, but The A Daily Show and the Colbert Report are back on the air — sort of.

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Wed, January 9 2008 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Why don’t more news outlets use ‘The Onion’ for inspiration?

In a Reason article entitled Amusing Ourselves to Depth, San Francisco writer Greg Beato asks whether the Onion is America’s most intelligent newspaper (thanks, Kevin S.!).

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Mon, October 22 2007 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Two more years of Jonno!

Jon Stewart has signed a two-year extension as host of The Daily Show. TDS now has its own website with all show video dating back to 1999.

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Fri, October 19 2007 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Fox gives real axe to fake news show

From the NYT: Anyone looking for evidence that liberals are funnier than conservatives might be tempted to point to the demise of Fox News Channel’s “1/2 Hour News Hour,” the network’s answer to left-wing news parodies like “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central.

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Mon, August 20 2007 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Harper’s reporter fires back at critics of his sting

Ken Silverstein posed as the representative of a London-based energy company with interests in Turkmenistan that wanted to buff the image of the former cult-of-personality state. He found Washington lobbyists tripping over themselves to represent the corrupt petrocracy. After Harper’s magazine published the story, there were no shortage of MSM critics tut-tutting about Silverstein’s tactic. […]

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Tue, July 3 2007 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

‘What the mainstream media can learn from Jon Stewart’

The key recommendations? Be bold and cut through the fog of spin.

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Mon, July 2 2007 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Run a printing press to deliver news? Hoo boy, you’re screwed

Craig Newmark of craigslist fame held forth with a group of newspaper people. He was not encouraging.

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Tue, May 8 2007 » * Big Picture Stuff, Main Page » Comments Off

Bill Moyers interviews Jon Stewart

Find the transcript here. And here’s a preview post.

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Wed, May 2 2007 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Moyers to yak with Jon Stewart

Got cable? Then watch PBS at 9 p.m. EDT today for Bill Moyers’ Journal. Jonno will be on!

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Fri, April 27 2007 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off

Fake news show watchers the most informed: poll

From the NYT: Americans may have more news outlets today than two decades ago, but they still don’t know much more about current events than they did then, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

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Mon, April 16 2007 » Main Page, Media » Comments Off